Meet Our Instructors

Shawna - owner


 Shawna is the owner and founder of  Polercise™ Aerial Dance & Yoga Studio. Shawna is a  certified & credentialed teacher. She graduated with a degree in  education from the University of Northern Colorado and taught school for  12 years. She has combined her skills as a former teacher/coach to  create a safe and comfortable environment for the ladies of every age,  shape & size to work-out in a fun way! 



  Sandi came to  Polercise™ Aerial Dance & Yoga Studio  looking for a new challenge after retiring from competitive fitness. With 10 national top 5 finishes, an overall national championship title, and professional status in the IFFBB, she was ready to move on to the next big adventure and quickly fell in love with pole fitness.  Sandi teaches the upper level pole classes.  



Lindsay fell in love with pole fitness after her first class at  Polercise™ Aerial Dance & Yoga Studio !  She is our Pole 2 & Pole Conditioning instructor, and she brings her military experiences to her pole classes. Lindsay makes working out fun, while giving you more confidence to feel  sexy. 



 As a child Sally loved jazz and ballet classes, and always wanted to be a  dance teacher. As an adult, she started taking Pilates classes and  became addicted to it. In 2004, Sally received her certification for Pilates  instruction and began teaching classes. Pilates is her passion! Sally's  style of Pilates is very traditional, which lends itself to many ballet  moves & poses. No matter what age you are, you can benefit from  Pilates. Sally hopes to see you in her class!   

Marina - silks & lyra


 Marina was new to the Melbourne area and joined  Polercise™ Aerial Dance & Yoga Studio  to meet new ladies & workout. She fell in love with all of the different aerial classes and joined the Polercise™ Pixies performance team at Pole for a Purpose in Tampa,  Florida. Soon after, Marina decided she wanted to become a  Polercise™ Aerial Dance & Yoga Studio  instructor and began the training program. Join her for a fun class! Marina teaches lyra and silks.



 Kayla loves teaching yogis of all levels! She follows a “yin-yasa” style flow, exploring extended holds to allow our bodies a nice stretch in the infrared heat. She believes in practicing breathing techniques at the end of each class with a final, relaxing meditation.  Kayla is our newest member of the  Polercise™ Aerial Dance & Yoga Studio Family... we love having her!