Kids Circus classes

Kids Circus class will start with stretching & flexibility.  We will be teaching fun moves and skills on the silks/ribbons & lyra/steel hoop. 

Please wear leggings or tights, and t-shirts or long sleeve shirts (armpits must be covered).  

Bring a water bottle. We sell bottles of water for $1.00

Silks & Lyra!

*Ages 7 years - 16 years

*Discounts available for siblings

fall & winter Session

space coast aerial kids

Kids Circus Party


Silks & Lyra Birthday Parties!

*Private Party (1 ½ hours) 

*Lyra and/or Silks lesson (1 hour) 

*$35 each child  (4 people minimum) 

* Food & drinks can be added, or bring your own 

Princess party


Call for more information #321.610.8921